An Israel Firster In His Own Words
fathers and sons kissing on the mouth as a greeting?

One other memory of that 1978 dinner: I was impressed to see that WFB [William F. Buckley] and CB [Christopher Buckley] greeted each other by unselfconsciously kissing on the mouth. I had never seen American fathers and sons do this, although it is (or was) common in the North of England, where I was born.

not that there’s anything wrong with it

Hey if former Israeli Prison Guard Jeff Goldberg says that Israel is still a democracy

….then Israel must still be a democracy right?


Let’s make sure we publish this breaking report on how GABRIELLE GIFFORDS IS RELATED TO GWYNETH PALTROW!!!!! But they have NEVER MET OR ANYTHING!!!! That will highlight the important aspects of this situation.

“Today, I cry tears full of gently scented hibiscus salt,” Ms. Paltrow said, “and…